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The Purity Virus is a virus created by the Empire of the Combine Race's Imperial Research Group 975. The virus was created to wipe out all life on a targeted planet in some of the most gruesome means, not much is known about the virus but its infamous for it's ruthless and brutal side effects.

History Edit

List of Major Outbreaks Edit

Characteristics Edit

The virus will act as a normal, simple flu, but after five days of infection, the virus will then start to became aggressive and deadly as it begins to targets the beings' internal organs and start melting them down

Symptoms Edit

At first, the infected will have a fever and chills , but, once the virus begins it's slow liquidation of internal organs, the infected will became pale, suffer intense pain and start to throw up blood and other infected tissue, after five more days, the individual infected with the virus will then die, but, if the infected grows immune to the virus, the virus will then make the person sterile or unable to reproduce.

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