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The quarians (Second Human Empire name Gixx'keler Zikkner) are a nomadic species of humanoid aliens known for their skills with technology and synthetic intelligence. Since their homeworld Rannoch was conquered by the Axis, the quarians (and the Geth) joined the Alliance of Nations.


Quarians are generally shorter and of slighter build than humans. Quarians have an endoskeleton, lips, teeth, and two eyes with eyelids and tear ducts; they also have three thick fingers on both hands which include a thumb, an index finger, and a long finger, similar to the middle fingers for humans, as well as three toes on each foot. Quarian facial structure and hair actually makes them the most similar to humans in physical appearance. Their lower legs are bowed backwards significantly, compared to asari or humans. Aside from hands and legs, their general body shape and sexual dimorphism is similar to humans. Male quarians, however, appear to lack a third toe. Their ears or ear analogues differ in a noticeable fashion from those of humans, with references made to "what [passes] for the quarian version of an ear". Also like humans, quarian blood is red.


The Morning War[]

The First Multiverse War (Riz'ro)[]

With the discovery of other universes when the Axis of Empires (more specifically the Combines) invaded their galaxy, turning an already violent conflict like the Reaper War up on its' head. So, they, like the rest of Riz'ro Milky Way galaxy's species, fought back against the invading combines but sadly with little effort, with their homeworld once again controlled by another group entirely, though they are not the only species to have lost their homeworld to the invasion. Upon their first meeting with the young Alliance of Nations they were astonished and shocked to discover AIs and some being members which they believe were insane to trust AIs, but at the same time they and their geth creations were fighting the same enemy and on the same side, so perhaps their judgment isn't quite as it appears. In time, they, like the rest of Riz'ro's various species, have come to align itself with the Alliance as they were the only ones truly able to fight off the Axis, and the only way they have any hope of regaining their homeworld again and in time slowly had their immune systems improve due to a combination of Alliance medical advancement and subtle aid by the benevolent but neutral Combine Nanites. Others were enslaved and forced to serve the Axis (the Combines), while at the same time, some 2.3 million quarians who doesn't wish to be involved in the war and wanted an escape quickly found themselves in an unknown location and presumed to have vanished or killed.


Remnant Fleet[]

Prior to the Multiverse War, there were roughly 17 million quarians on the Migrant Fleet (also called the Flotilla). It is technically still under martial law but is now governed by bodies such as the Admiralty Board and the democratically-elected Conclave, though ship captains and onboard civilian councils tend to address most issues "in-house" before it gets that far. quarians are divided into several clans that can be spread across several ships, or restricted to one. But after joining the Alliance it has changed over the centuries.

Societies and Cultures[]


  • The quarians that were enslaved by the axis were uselessly used for their engineering talents or for pleasure given they have had their immune systems improved with axis tech.
  • There have been information that a group of quarian refugees found themselves in the Aeden Universe and become full members of the Aeden Union.