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Quark's Bar, Grill, Gaming House and Holosuite Arcade was the multi-level, vibrant and popular central attraction of Imperia Nolus, drawing crowds of travelers and station inhabitants with its offerings of drink, food, gossip, gaming and fantasy fulfillment. The proprietor of the establishment was Quark, a Ferengi entrepreneur and sometimes petty criminal who was the eternal thorn in the side of the station's Chief of Security, Odo. Despite his dalliances on the wrong side of the law Quark was a capable and amiable host, and the bar was usually one of the most popular places for recreation on the station. Many well known Alliance soldiers such as BJ Blazkowicz, Isobel MacGregor, John MacTavish and Allison Jakes came here on this place

Patrons[edit | edit source]

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