Quinlan Vos was a male Kiffar Jedi Master in the Jedi Order and a General in the Grand Army of the Republic during the First War. He hailed from the planet Kiffu in the Inner Rim. With long, dreadlocked hair and a band of pale yellow across his upper face, Vos was gifted with psychometric powers which allowed him to "read memories" from inanimate objects through physical contact.

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Though Quinlan Vos was a good Jedi in many ways, he had an ongoing struggle with the dark side which continued long into the Clone Wars. He was consumed by hatred for his great aunt, Tinté Vos, after discovering that she had sacrificed his parents to Anzati vampires, and murdered her in cold blood, completing his fall to the dark side.[6] However, despite committing many evil acts during his time as Dooku's Dark Acolyte, Vos managed to convince his old friend Obi-Wan Kenobi that he still served the Republic and he helped Kenobi escape Tol Skorr and Asajj Ventress.[9] Vos was very mindful of his cover as a Dark Acolyte, sacrificing a childhood friend, Shylar so that he wouldn't reveal himself. However, he blew his cover by rescuing his great aunt, though he killed her shortly afterwards. Vos displayed great strength of character by overcoming the dark side during the Clone Wars.[6]

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