MQO class planet by Voyager212

Quom II is planet found in the Gamma Quadrant and the homeworld of the Quomians, a species of rat-like mutants who descended from fugutive human slaves, and province of the totalitarian state of the Klingon Empire. Once an untamed, toxic world full of despair, misery, ignorance, and disease, it is now a mere military base and mining facility for the Klingons to exploit for the war effort. Nevertheless, life continues on the planet and its once poisonous atmosphere has mysteriously vanished at some period of time, which may have allowed the Semerians to conquer the planet in the first place. It shares the Klingon System with the Klingon homeworld of Qo'noS and the mining world of Praxis. However, it is also noted that the planet was once a paradise world governed by the Edanian Empire until a terrible plague corrupted the world during the final years of the Empire.

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