Qwaar-Jet was the name given to the Kushan God of Pain and Enslavement, who in ancient times was feared throughout Kharak. It was only fitting that the Kushan's greatest enemy on the battlefield would be named as such by Fleet Intelligence. The Qwaar-Jet packs an extremely lethal punch and its four Ion Cannons turrets have unheard-of coverage, able to strike multiple targets at once, unlike smaller vessels who must concentrate their fire on one enemy at a time. This is backed up by the heavy cruiser's 6 large Assault-class mass drivers. All this allows the Qwaar-Jet to engage its enemies even as it maneuvers about. Although the super-capital ship has difficulty targeting and destroying small fighters, its heavy armor allows it to endure damage from wings of bombers for extended periods of time. They were used by the Axis of Empires

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