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R'sverr is a member of the Ascendancy, he took the role as the observer to know certain worlds of interest. He usually shown to be powerful and cold towards primitive humans but easily manipulate into thinking him and others as a deity, but curious to study many cultures for research. One of those in particular was the Aeden Universe and sought to enter it. However, a strong barrier prevented anyone passing through and ignored it along with some. Continued his mission and observed a few that pose a threat to their plans such as the Forces of Chaos, the Masari, the Axis of Empires and the Edanians that were presumed to have been extinct.

R’sverr began collecting samples for his research on worlds such as Farlmart in the Eai'eei Universe, posing as a powerful mage sent by the 'gods', giving false promise that the Ascendancy would the Saderan Empire prosper as ‘allies’ when in truth was secretly studying the gate’s power in their conflcit against the Falmart pantheon and the Hive


Ancient Past[]

First Multiverse War[]

Search of the Relic[]

R’sverr began collecting samples for his research and experimented on worlds such as Farlmart in the Eai'eei Universe, posing as a powerful mage sent by the 'gods', giving false promise that the Ascendancy would aide the Saderan Empire survive as ‘allies’ when in truth was secretly using them for their own gain to find and obtain something that's drawn the attention of the Ascendancy buried beneath the surface of the continent, scanning the signature to be something that goes back to First Human Empire era, determined to claim it before anyone else. While curious about the Gate's powers but saw it as possible threat if the Empire used against them ignore. Despite being so primitive, the thought of them to use a portal to other worlds is Something the Ascendancy could not ignore, especially in the hands of others who could out to somehow use it to invade any their territories without knowing.

R'svarr and Dr’thorrin were assigned to watch over the region of land under their control to use labourers and their own machines to dig without anyone knowing of their actions, believing this power could draw the attention of others such as the sudden pressence of the demonic creatures called the the Hive Pantheon within the remote areas of the planet, believing them to be drawn to a powerful energy close to the Light and desire it for themselves. Sending some small forces to keep them off the planet, but only temporally for their power to travel through dimensions using ancient dar, especially those under 'service' of the Oryx, the Taken King. 

R'svarr didn't trust the Saderans nor any of the native races if they find this ancient relic when he learned that the 'Bunny Warriors' were within the part of their territory was where the signature was coming from, R'sverr had intended to offer the tribes under their service with interset of their skills and knwoldge of the relics for return of protection, but the imperial legion under the prince Zorzal's command had ruined the chances and those with knowledge of the suppose relics were killed and made the search more difficult for them. R'sverr, in a fit of rage, appeared before them with his forces and easily wiped out the remaining soldiers them when their guard was down and make it believe they were killed in combat. But his mission given on this world has not forgotten but would send forces to secure the area under their control to begin digging. Strongly believed to be the relics of the First Human Empire, the Precursors or Edanian, only to frown that it be in a world full of barbaric primitives.

Falmart Campaign[]

Jorrin Gohh'tahl

With word of the gate on Alnus had been opened and Molt somehow builted a gate to anchor it for his plans to expand his empire after the agreement to not use the gate, R'sverr created a barrier over the other side when they discovered the so-called 'barbarians' were far more technologically advance then any of Falmart's races and above those across the planet. Sending their forces to execute the mages and soldiers for betraying their word and with the Alliance of Nations fighting the Hive that have drawn interest to the gate, the Ascendancy needed to keep all sides focus on each other until they completed their plans, or hopefully wipe each other out until they can clear up the mess caused by the Empire. R'sverr decided to send one of his most trusted soldiers and officer who would lead their forcse and round up those to serve the Ascendancy and use the empire with the odds of their defeat high. Jorrin Gohh'tahl, an enhanced human engineered from his few genetic DNA centuries ago to keep the forces away from their operations and serve as their voice towards the Eai'eei version of Earth and the Alliance for possible first contact.

The Falmart Campaign[]

During his studies, his spies alerted him of the current Emperor Molt Sol Autgustus proceeding with the Gate to build a permanent achor between the two worlds, defying the Ascendancy's pact and believe they were attempting to try and invade one of their controlled worlds, but instead lead to a different universe with an Earth in it. Alerted his fellow Ascended and used the knowledge of magic to apprehend the mages responsible for the construct, taking all they knew and incinerated them from anyone else trying to use the gate again with the conflict with the Falmart Pantheon and the Hive. Despite being so primitive, the thought of them to use a portal to other worlds is something the Ascendancy could not ignore, especially in the hands of others who could out to somehow use it to invade any their territories without knowing. Giving no regards of who would win or lose, R’sverr sees to it that both worlds be either submit to their will or be destroyed like others before them.

During the events of the campaign when their forces were lock in combat with the Hive that began their unexpected attack in the rest of the planet, R’sverr conducted his research on the Combine Nanites if their ability to enhance an individual’s lifespan, discovered them since the days of the First Multiverse War and spread to many realities and planets but noticed something was off about them.


R’sverr considers himself a seeker of knowledge and appears civilised among some of the members of the Ascendancy, interested in something new to understand and use that knowledge to his advantage. However, like the majority of his race, looks down upon the human race and considers them nothing but genetic copies of the genetic predecessors, while tolerates the more technological advanced cultures, yet finds the more primitive humans before the age of steel and electricity to be barbarians who only be interested in luxurious and land. While annoyed to sometimes be sent to less advance worlds, it would use such things to his advantage to manipulate them for his own purposes and research in magic and alternative source of powers they developed.

However, he appears to believe they are doing so for humanity‘s sake and it is for their own good to need true guidance from their predecessors to prevent the same mistakes the Ascendancy's ancestors did but only the few he sees as worthy would be given that honour.

Powers and Abilities[]

Guven that R’sverr among others of his race that survived and achieved ascension, able to shed his physical form and granted immortality to have seen the events of history. he can easily travel between worlds and any point in location, take on other forms to blend in without being seen or heard. R’sverr could take on powerful deities through countless years of learning the limits of his powers.


  • "You see us as conqouers and tyrants, yet your 'alliance' helped spread chaos ever since you gained the ability to travel between universes because of the Combine and almost destroyed all of creation! The Ascendancy shall restore balance to the natural order as inheritors of Humanity."
  • During rp Alnus Coup d’etat: “Do you now see why we uphold the law of non-interference? To allow those worlds to grow and learn to walk on their own feet. The Saderan are an example of those who have that knowledge to travel to other worlds before they could have reached their full potential and they threw it away because of their so-called gods. The humans of Eai’eei Earth have proven to be no better. It is most unfortunate, both of you had such potential... but now the damage has been done, and we will fix that.”
  • If the rifts continues to grow, this galaxy will be torn apart and infect other worlds. If it is not stopped, they could leak into other realities To save the many... both worlds must die. And it is a regrettable decision, but you are more to blame than us.”


The pic for the character was used from Solo Leveling comic.