RX-Series pilot droids were a line of droids designed and manufactured by the companies Industrial Automaton and Reubens Robotic Systems. With a squat, cylindrical chassis that terminated in a flared repulsorlift base for locomotion, RX-Series pilot droids used their three clawed limbs to manipulate starship controls and fly vessels. Units commonly featured brushed metal chassis with colored accents. A helmet-like head topped each RX pilot droid, and a humanoid faceplate—sporting two glowing photoreceptors and a speaker—enabled the droids to more easily interact with organics. RX units were capable of operating independently to pilot starships, especially in tasks that organic pilots found too dull or repetitive to bother with, such as docking and undocking spacecraft, maneuvering cargo between vessels, and piloting passenger craft along well-traveled hyperlanes. The droids' programming also made them apt copilots and support personnel. They were renowned for their toughness and reliability, although when an RX-Series droid failed, it did so spectacularly. A heuristic processor afforded RX units the ability to creatively solve problems, and when spared from memory wipes, they tended to develop chipper personalities that allowed them to better interface with living beings.

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