The Rage Virus is a virus found on Wiu'yuk Earth. It became known after two Cambridge University scientists named Clive and Warren were trying to isolate the specific neurochemicals that cause anger and excessive aggression in humans in order to develop an inhibitor that regulates anger control issues. It quickly spreads from their after and overrun the Planet in a matter of months


After the virus enters a Persons' bloodstream, the virus very quickly manifest itself in the victim's behavior, from mere 10 to 20 seconds, the virus symptoms begans to become noticeable though infection time is possibly determined by the amount of infected blood that has gotten into the bloodstream and the overall mass of the person in question. As the virus overwhelms its host, they twitch madly in an almost spasmic manner. The virus can also pass through bodily fluids and has an almost 100% communicability rate, though it may be noted that some people posses a hereditary immunity, allowing them to become infected with the virus without exhibiting any of its usual symptoms (save the bloodshot left eye). These people remain carriers of the infection, and can transmit it through blood-saliva contact and saliva exchange.


The Rage virus does not directly cause the death of its host, but because the host is solely focused on infecting or killing the uninfected it causes those infected to become disinterested in self-nourishment, which will eventually cause death by starvation. Since the virus causes those infected to act with no regard for self-preservation they will not act to evade mortal danger, such as fire or chemical gas.

The Rage virus causes its hosts to permanently enter a primal state of murderous rage and attempt to spread the infection or kill the uninfected above all else, even self-preservation. The Infected are reduced to an animalistic state of permanent hostility and aggression, driving them to attack non-infected with no concern for their own safety and no moral or other inhibitions that could control their actions and behaviour. In this state of permanent and extreme psychosis, the brain is continuously pumping adrenaline into the host's system, giving the Infected huge powers of endurance and super-human strength, but at the same time placing enormous stress on their metabolism, which alongside their disregard for their own safety, leads to eventual death through physical exhaustion, coma and/or starvation. The Infected experience spasms in the extremities, and their irises become blood red. They also vomit copious amounts of infected blood as well as violently gibbering because the virus infecting organic systems.

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