Raith Sienar was a prominent engineer during the early days of the Axis of Empires, producing countless highly advanced designs, most well-known among them the TIE fighter; he was also the originator of the concept for the Death Star. Ambitious and keen, Sienar was raised inside the Sienar family, which had run the prominent shipbuilding concern Santhe/Sienar Technologies for thousands of years. Sienar struck off to prove himself as a teen before returning to the fold, where his father Narro Sienar trained him to take over the company. When Narro was killed by assassins seeking Raith, the younger Sienar, only in his twenties, took over the company. For the next decade, Sienar lived an aristocratic lifestyle, designing unique and cutting-edge ships on Coruscant for wealthy and secretive clients, among them the Scimitar for the Pure Emperor.

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