Ratchet was a Lombax native from the planet Fastoon who was later sent to Veldin at a young age. Ratchet is 5 feet tall (152 cm), and, as of the second war, weighed 97.5 lbs. (44.3 kg.) (Dallas Wanamaker claimed most of his weight was attributed to fluff and fat).[1] Ratchet was the son of Kaden, Guardian of the Dimensionator, who was killed by Emperor Tachyon shortly after Ratchet's birth. One day, his life was changed forever once he met a small robot named XJ-0461, but he nicknamed him Clank, who would go on to become his lifelong companion, voice of reason, and best friend. Together, back to back (metaphorically and literally), they had many adventures, defeated numerous axis and horde forces, discover their true origins and became known as two of the Zi'yuji universe's greatest heroes, meeting allies like BJ Blazkowicz, Luke Skywalker, Jim Raynor, and making archenemies like Darth Maul and the Pure Emperor throughout their various battles.

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