The Rattataki were a Near-Human species characterized by their chalk-white skin and bald heads. Virtually isolated from the rest of the galaxy and aligned with the Axis of Empires, the Rattataki developed a violent society on their home planet of Rattatak, which involved extensive gladiatorial combat. Warrior Aidus and criminal Kaliyo Djannis were both Rattataki. The Nightsister and Dark Acolyte named Asajj Ventress was generally thought to be a Rattataki, while in fact she was a similar Zabrak-Human hybrid species called Dathomirian. The Rattataki were commonly thought to be descendants of a long-lost Republic expedition. While most other inhabitants of Rattatak came from the Unknown Regions, there were a significant number of off-worlder mercenaries who would come to Rattatak from time to time, likely to view or participate in gladiatorial combat, only to be stranded there permanently. The remarkably harsh conditions on the planet nearly drove its population to extinction.[1] For eons, the Rattataki constantly battled amongst themselves and their fellow inhabitants (represented primarily by Humans, Zabraks,[2]. Siniteens,[2] Vollick,[1] and Weequay[3]) over the planet's limited resources. Despite being nearly completely isolated from the outside galaxy, the Rattataki displayed remarkable initiative and continually created new ways to kill each other.[4][1]

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