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Flag of the Reformed United States

The Reformed United States of America, also known as Occupied America and Nazi America, is the name of the puppet established by the Greater German Empire during their invasion of the United States. Many regard the Reformed United States as a horrid place where people where arrested for a variety of means, from speeches made by people against the regime to interracial couples and ethinicies that the Puppet-state detested. It was once headed by James Williamson. the nation was dissolved after the United States forced the Greater German Empire, along with the rest of the Axis, off of the Americas.

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Political party the american nazi party by drivanmoffitt-d4x0uhn

The Flag of the American Nazi Party

Just like that the Greater German Empire, the Reformed United States was a brutal totalitarian regime where people were often suppressed by the Fascistic and Racist Government that's ruled by a single party, a German created and controlled party, the American Nazi Party

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