Battle of Kashyyyk by Darren Tan

Sera fighting against the Imperial Remnant in the Battle of Andor

The Remnant Wars, also known as the Remains Wars are a series of conflicts that involved former Axis, Combine (and sometimes Chimera) or independent remnants and various planetary, galactic or inter galactic governments and the Alliance of Civilizations. These wars started on march 17th, 2375 when a Imperial Remnant group attacked a Galactic Alliance base and ended on April 16th, 2698 when the final Combine Remnant Group was defeated at the Battle for Jericho Prime

Conflicts involved/Apart of the Remnant Wars Edit

List of Remnants Edit

Name of Remnant Remnant of Lead by Headquarters
Pentastar Alignment Galactic Empire Ardus Kaine Bastion
Empire of the Hand Galactic Empire Admiral Thrawn Csila
Project Resurrection Greater German Empire Colonel Hans Fredrichsonn
Klingon Imperial Remnant Klingon Empire Gorkon Qo'noS
Cardassian Union Remnant Cardassian Union Dukat Cardassia Prime
Gallente Remnant Gallente Federation
Imperial Remnant Galactic Empire Ysanne Isard
Noxus Remnant Democratic Federation of Noxus Cassiopeia du Couteau
Federation Protectorate Federation of the Americas Diego Almagro New Caracas
Soviet Remnant Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (Gil Universe) Anatoly Cherdenko
Separatist Holdouts Confederacy of Independent Systems Count Dooku Mustafar
Dominion Pact Dominion of Cassus Artemis Zin
Combine Remnants Empire of the Combine Race
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