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The Renegade Squadron (formerly as Phantom Squadron prior to the battle of Hellion Prime) was a Alliance military unit of underworlders and defected Axis and Coalition individuals, assembled by Han Solo and commanded by Col Serra. The unit consisted of underworlders and former Axis and Horde individuals who were defected to the Allies recruited by Serra from around the multiverse. Assigned to advanced black operations, very few actually knew of the existence of the squadron, and their actions which actually kept the Alliance alive. The original name for Renegade Squadron was Phantom Squadron, but since the Battle of Hellion Prime, a battle where many Axis and Coalition individuals defected to the Allies, thus the name change

Formation of Renegade squadron[]

Renegade Squadron was formed sometime before the Battle of Yavin where they stationed they had 20 members including their leader Col Serra. The members then were the following:

bold repersnets orignial.

William Cabot

Aleksey Markov


Caira Diaz

Margaret "Maggie" Lumumba

Griffin Hallsey

Henry “Hank” Allen

Valerie "Val" Wolski


James Parnell

Ðorde “Lazarus” Živkovic

Abraham "Abe" Presley

Cipher (Formerly)

Pixy (Formerly)

PJ (Retired)

Captain Price (Formely)

Soap MacTavish (Formely)

Col Serra (Leader)

Samus Aran (Metroid)

Jango Fett (Renegade squadron)

Lucky nine (OOM9)

Renegade squadron was noted to during the Battle of Yavin to be highly trained along with their three fighter pilots (Cipher, Pixy and PJ) who sometimes would be detached and assigned to some air squadrons over the course of the First Multiverse war. Renegade squadron would sometimes be tasked in hunting monsters and took part in the infection wars.