Flag of Venegula before Zaema'Waamas's coup

Flag of Venegula under Abel

Flag of Venegula under Abel's Presidency

The Republic of Venegula, refereed to during the Civil War as Abel's Government, was the name of the government of Venegula, from 1579 to it's compilation in 2405 after the death of self-proclamed president Emmanuel Abel. For much of it's history, the Republic was a democracy, independent of the Alliance, Axis and Coalition, staying neutral throughout the First Multiverse War. It was a democracy for much of it until it's final two years, in which General Zaerra'Waamas, who was arrested a year beforehand, overthrew the democractic elected government and named her friend, CEO of Abel's Weapons, Emmanuel Abel as president, two months later, a civil war sparked that went on for ten years. It was replace by the Democractic Federation of Venegula in 2414.

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