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The Rhino, also known as the Mars Pattern Rhino, is an Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) that is widely used throughout the galaxy by many different factions. The Rhino is a mainstay vehicle of the Imperium. It has provided safe transportation since the days of the Great Crusade, transporting its cargo of soldiers swiftly and safely to the forefront of battle. Robust and versatile, and able to resist the most hostile of environments, the Rhino has become the basic troop transport for Allied squads. It has also been used by many other trusted branches of the Allies. Over the years many Rhinos have been captured for use by terrorists forces and the Coalition of Independent States took their Rhinos with them. Altered by Horde iconography, these Coalition Rhinos are still deployed by many warbands of the Coalition in the present.The Imperialist Alliance also has used the rhino during the Second Multiverse War.