Richard P. Woolsey is a former member of the NID and the Tauri-Jaffa Alliance representative to the International Oversight Advisory. Since the war started, he is the operational leader of the Atlantis expedition and later the Alliance Expedition.

Despite being an enemy at first, Woolsey later gained respect for Stargate Command and the SGC's flagship team, SG-1, becoming an essential ally.

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When he first appeared, Woolsey appeared to be simply another example of the usual political adversaries faced by SG-1, apparently more concerned with making sure Stargate Command remained within its budget and helped Eur'uui Earth benefit without giving any apparent thought to the lives they had saved throughout the galaxy. However, as time went on, Woolsey has developed beyond his original role; he quickly showed that he was willing to question Vice President Robert Kinsey's motives rather than blindly accepting his perspective of events, and has more than once edited his reports to show events in a more favourable light for the benefit of those concerned.

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