Sergeant Ricardo Velasquez is an Allied soldier and a close friend of Jan Templar. Rico, born in the slums of Vekta city, is the biggest, toughest, most Axis-hating character in the entire series. He has a penchant for almost constant swearing. Surviving an attack that slaughtered the entirety of his platoon, his hatred for the Axis is understandable. To some, it might seem that the event even brought him slightly over the line into insanity. He still harbors deep resentment towards the Axis for the loss of his original squad. It is not certain how much Axis blood will be required to sadate his thirst for vengeance - his answer to that question is always some variation of more. While Rico is not the dimwitted oaf that some take him for, he does harbor a rather simplistic, black-and-white worldview. To Rico, there isn't a problem that can't be solved with good old-fashioned violence. If that problem happens to take the shape of an evil invasion army bent on conquering the whole planet - well, it just means the good guys will have to use a little more violence. Indirect approaches like espionage, sabotage and assassination are too time consuming for his tastes.

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