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Rodians (Second Human Empire name Siiki'koo Annikki'poii) were a reptilian humanoid species native to Rodia in the Tyrius system. Highly recognizable due to characteristics in facial structure and skin pigment, Rodians were infamous for their violent culture, which sprang from the difficulties of life in the jungles of their homeworld. Though they were often relegated to the fringes of galactic society as bounty hunters or criminal henchmen, Rodians were not merely simple-minded thugs. The Rodian people managed to produce artists, merchants, and politicians who were found even among the upper classes of the Core Worlds. Most Rodians are joined to the Axis of Empires, while some of them are not

Biology and appearance Edit

The Rodians were green-skinned humanoids from the planet Rodia. They possessed distinctive faces; large, round, multifaceted eyes, tapir-like snouts, and a pair of saucer-shaped antennae on their heads, which served to detect vibrations. Rodian skin normally had a rough, pebbly texture, except on their hands and snouts. The flexible snouts augmented the Rodians' finely-tuned olfactory senses, collecting and filtering the air. Their characteristically-large eyes were indicative of a primarily-nocturnal ancestry and were capable of seeing into the infra-red spectrum. This allowed the Rodians to visually detect the body heat of their hidden prey emanating from within the darkness.Due to their love of fighting and active lifestyles, most Rodians kept in good condition, normally lean and wiry. However, some corpulent Rodians became rather obese, typically those that could hire others to fight for them, such as Black Sun operative Avaro Sookcool or the Nar Shaddaa gangster Reelo Baruk.

Rodians normally had green skin, allowing them to blend in with the vegetation of their jungle world.However, variations in pigment were not uncommon, which ranged from disfiguring birthmarks to discoloration of the entire body. This was distinctive among the race and gave rise to descriptive appellations such as "Navik the Red" and "Jannik the White." Another notable characteristic of the Rodians were their hands. Possessing long, dexterous, sucker-tipped fingers, this trait denoted an arboreal lifestyle, which allowed the Rodians to grip trees and rocky inclines.A ridge of flexible spines crested their skulls, differing in volume, length, and even color. Instead of spines, some Rodians also grew hair. This was more common among females, though some males also grew it, as exemplified by Evo the Blue. Females were also physically distinguished by their breasts and mammary glands.Off-world females, however, oftentimes would shave their hair and wear loose-fitting clothing in an attempt to disguise their gender. Some females, though, would proudly flaunt their femininity if they knew it would work to their advantage.

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