Rogue Coyote was one of the many PMCs operating in the multiverse. They were the smallest PMCs in the multiverse. Rogue Coyote were known to operate in the eastern fringes of multiversial space between Ui'eiij and Wiit'uti space were led by James Goldberg (known as "the Major") 1It is also implied that Rogue Coyote was the PF that the Mbele Squad platoon leader joined after "selling out" his own unit.[2]

Rogue Coyote started out as a group known as the Southern Rhodesia Volunteers. They deployed to fight guerrillas in the Malayan Emergency. Later, Rogue Coyote recruited most of the Rhodesian SAS (which had its origins with the British SAS, specifically the 22 SAS, C Squadron) after the country collapsed in 1979. Other members formerly served with the Selous Scouts, 32 Battalion then later military groups in the Multiverse during the Venom Snake's Insurrection. They're the smallest of the groups operating in the multiverse, but their soldiers were some of the best.

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