The Roman Republic, also refereed to as Res publica Romana, and Allied Rome, is the government that governs Rome on Lol Earth after the overthrow of the Roman Kingdom in 1503. After it was discovered by the Alliance of Nations in 1603, the Roman Republic quickly become a modern nation on Lol Earth that took control of large potions of Lol Earth, unifying Europe, Africa and Arabia under it's banner. However, it did not underwent this peacefully, when the Republic voted to outlaw slavery and pass many reforms that created a universal voting rights for all as well as gender and racial equality, many of Lol Rome's Elite become angered by this and started an uprising against the Republic, but this uprising was short live, with the Elites' private armies still using swords and shields whereas the Republic have long sense modernized it's military leading to a short but bloody battle with the private armies of Rome's Elites all wiped out with the Republic's Legion not losing a single person in the battles. The Roman Republic has sense joined the Alliance of Nations to counter the Axis of Empires' Caesar's Legion and Roman Empire.

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List of Worlds under the Roman Republic's control Edit

  • Majority of Lol Earth

List of Species found within the Roman Republic Edit

  • Humans
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