Tumblr ndcuva3eum1tkf7sfo1 1280.jpg Roman Shepard

an artist depection of Dr. Roman Shepard

"People call me crazy! and you know what! They're right!"

-Roman Shepard just before one of his random fits of laughter

Dr. Roman Shepard, born Roman Maximus Shepard, but also refer to as Commander Roman Shepard (though, he dislike to be called by the title), nickname "the Butcher of Torfan" and "Roman the Cannibal/Xenoibal", is an Allied researcher, scientist and commander who servived along side his cousins Commanders Ivan Shepard and Natasha Shepard Vakarian



Family and RelativesEdit

Solana Vakarian Shepard (Wife, Turian)

Ivan Shepard (Cousin, Human)

Tail'Zorah Shepard (Cousin, Quarian)

Natasha Shepard Vakarian (Cousin, Human)

Garrus Vakarian (Cousin, Turian)

Aurelianus Shepard (Son, Turian)

Dunya Shepard (Daughter, Human)

Faustina Shepard (Daughter, Turian)

Vladimir Shepard (Son, Human)



he has admit to have preform acts of Cannibalism and Xenoibalism (from time to time) usually on his (decreased) test subjects but also on soldiers and criminals that he had captured and or killed thus he is infected with Kuru Disease due to in part to his Cannibalism (from time to time) 

he once made a painting that depicts a young boy crying with distorted Female Humans and Asaris over looking over him with twisted smiles and some of them had hands touching him in places a child shouldn't be touched which is a very clear representation to his rape at the age of 12

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