A12 Rorona

Rorona Frixell is a world famous alchemist and later alchemy soldier known all across Arland and later the Terran Federal Union after a sub-war struck her universe during the First War; and also one of the founders of the Allied Atelier Command (a AON Military unit comprised of Alchemists from Civv'hujikki Earth). The genius alchemist Astrid Zexis once helped her family through a deadly illness. Years later, Rorona has become Astrid's student in order to pay Astrid back for the kindness that she once showed Rorona and her family.

Although she's aged, Rorona still remains very childish, and is enjoying her freedom to travel around the Multiverse, taking some free time away from her homeworld. She loves anything cute, and likes to give everybody she meets a "cute" nickname, although most people (such as Spock and Data) don't appreciate it.

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