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Rukahn Khrayf

“The only one who will strike down the Dragon of Balance, is I! Anyone who intervene, will be killed!”

Rukahn Khrayf, commonly known as the The Dominator, the Fist of the Brawler is a Mort who serves as the Herald of The Brawler, the entity that is associated with domination, violence and imbalance, and served as its loyal herald to inflict violence throughout the Multiverse and clash with many warriors to test his strength through the many thousands of years, earned the brutality and reputation among the Empire of the Combine Race and later the First Multiverse War since he fought in the Fop'lla and Vop’lla Universes. He is known by many Heralds for his rivalry with Shen, the Jen’thori herald of The Preserver.


The Herald of the Brawler[]

Rukahn against a force of Chimera

Approximately 1,007,873 B.N.E., Rukahn was a Mokarrig, a race of proud warriors from Qronua, who life for the thrill of conflict in the ancient times of his species from a galaxy in the Rito'ghuo Universe. Rukahn fought against various warlords for the downfall of a broken empire, especially against a force of Combine and Chimera that tried to invade their worlds. His reputation and power drew the attention of The Brawler who took the form of a warrior to take up arms to test his power, lasted for several days long until he had discovered that his opponent was no ordinary living being, but a powerful god-like Mort who drew interest of the Mokarrig warrior and beczme his herald.

In the first several centuries since becoming a herald, Rukahn travelled to countless worlds, unleashing brutality and conflict to seek out warriors and fighters, led many of his herald’s followers into combat against the Combine as one of the greatest battles to take part in, when he heard of the Dark Collective War but was denied entry by the Second Human Empire he decided to fight against their best soldiers to take out his frustration. Fought against other Heralds in battle as they one of the few to give him a true battle. By the year 700,080 B.N.E., he sought to find the strongest heralds to test his skills. The battle between himself and the Jen’thori named Shen, and the Herald of the Vanquisher, sparked the rivalry between the two over their beliefs, they were on equal grounds and strength that would last for over thousands of years.

First Multiverse War[]

When word of the Combine once again preparing for a new expansion under the orders of their emperor Yiloala Olpimakia Kutarukia, who many knew was the herald of The Hunter created the Axis of Empires, knowing his reputation and knew this ‘empire’ would not last with Yiloala under its leadership for his amusement. Rather than taking sides, Rukahn saw this as a possibly the greatest war in history to come. The first universe he entered was the Fop'lla Universe when it was discovered by the Combine in 1426 N.E., challenging many Space Marines, Traitor legions, and various alien races in the conflict of the Fop’lla Milky Way, he wanted to fight their Primarchs as told to be the greatest warriors to carry the genes of their God-Emperor. Leading a legion of warriors dedicated to The Brawler into battle to fight for their entity wether to survive or die, they see this as a great battle to wage. He began to admire the Imperium’s efforts to continue the fight against the invaders when they had all enemies from all sides despite the efforts of ever winning, but soon had competition with the Herald of The Vanquisher and surprised to find one but not surprise as the universe void of peace drew to its attention.

By 1457 N.E., the herald of The Brawler visited the Skyriver Galaxy in the Viau Universe, Rukahn led his agents to bring a race of nomadic savage warriors called Yuuzhan Vong to invade the galaxy while the Galactic Empire, the Axis, and the Alliance of Nations were focus in each other. Some members of the Vong were secretly worshippers of The Brawler and followed his instructions to inflict conflict in this galaxy with the Filo counterpart strongly in a warfare of its own.

At some point, he was drawn to an Earth where the United States began its annual purge, drawn by violence and rage, he brought a handful of his fellow cultists to make it as the ritual to prepare themselves for war by wrecking havoc to the inhabitants through the night.

Falmart Campaign[]

Ruiahn reaches in the Eai’eel Universe when he followed the Hive to a back-watered world, arrived in the continent ruled by a Parthenon of gods, he immediately attacked a legion of imperials and bandits who he considered as weaklings. To his amusement, one of the legionaries offered him to join them in their battle against a ‘barbarian’ army, but he flatly declined and knew who they were up against and defeated their forces when they failed to subdue him, even drawn the attention of this worlds’ apostles, including one named Rory Mercury. He discovered another otherworldly force known to him by word, revealed to be the Ascendancy and left them be so long as they don’t bother him, however he did not anticipated the Alliance in other parts of the planet and could shorten the war.

Unleashed his power upon both the JSDF and the Alliance Joint Military when proven to be a powerful force than the Empire, the Alliance was able to stop his carnage and opened a portal o a random universe to push him through, not entirely defeated him when knowing his role in the First War least to buy them time and proven to the Japanese how dangerous the campaign has proven.

The Haei’tuusik Challenge[]

Rukahn competed against the heralds that spdefended the universe from destruction, while showed no care for The Hunter, he took it as a chance to seek out worthy opponents before its eventual destruction. Landed on the Haei'tuusik Hell and slated many demons and sinners, he confronted one of the inhabitants named Cherri Bomb who released a barrage of explosives around him, earning his ire of slaying the Cyclopes demon who he consider9ed annoyance, hardly affected by her while also slaying the Exorcists that got in his way or exterminated a foe he was fighting.

In the final confrontation, he approached Shen and felt this be their final battle to the death, clashed blades agains the Preservers herald throughout the battlefield and lasted for days until the interference of one of the loyalists angels caused distraction for the Entities from summoning their heralds, long enough to finish off his foe, but in doing so mortally wounded him also.

It is unknown if he survived the battle also.


Rukahn has a reputation of his brutality and pride as a warrior, as a Herald he is loyal to serve The Brawler, believed to be honoured to have been blessed by a powerful deity, willing to follow the Entity’s commands without question, weather to spread the word of his Entity or to commit conflicts, or to punish those he considered as weak or disgrace the Brawler. He has shown to favour his cultural heritage with pride and considers those that are strong may be worthy in The Brawler’s light if they favour violence and conflict. Rukahn is vicious and cruel, looking down upon the weak and looks upon his predecessors who came before him as honourable warriors, trains those under the Cult‘s teachings if they are to serve.

Powers and Abilities[]

Family and Close Friends[]


  • Shen
  • The Vanquisher’s Herald



  • To Shen “I have waited a long time for this, the final battle for the fate of this miserable reality.”