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"What Happened to Site 13?"

SCP 1730 or Site-13 before it's neutralization.

A repeating phrase encountered in the facility.

SCP-1730, originally Site 13, is an anomalous facility ran by the SCP Foundation, encountered in the Uti'lit Universe. The facility was from an alternate version of the Uti'lit Universe where the SCP Foundation had been absorbed into the Global Occult Coalition, due to the former being deprived off all funding.

The site was run by Elliot Emerson under the suggestion of Paul Manafort. During Emerson's tenure, Site 13 began a series of barbaric and dehumanizing experiments on any and all anomalous humanoids and entities. Some got lucky as they were interred into cells and experimented with, others were not so lucky as they killed and had their bodies destroyed in a massive incinerator.

The actions of Site 13 only soured the already negative view the Alliance had on the Foundation.