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The SCP (possibly short for Secure, Contain, and Protect) Foundation, or simply dubbed "Foundation" is a secret organization located on Uti'lit Earth and largely believed to be created by various governments or even private entities, to contain and study anomalous entities and objects that defy natural law ( or SCPs by the Foundation, now classified as morts). Virtually everything about this organization is shrouded in unknowns and falsehoods, but what little known about the organization is very basic and bare, but what little Allied personnel has managed to gain doesn't paint a good picture of the organization.

The SCP Foundation has long sense dissolved by the time of the Federation, as it and numerous other secret organizations were either directly dismantled by the Alliance or were just another casualty of the Second Multiverse War, however, it has been theorized that it, or at the very least its' remnants, had either created or helped to create the White Order, but those theories have yet to be confirmed.


The exact nature of the SCP Foundation's founding is unknown, but over the years there have been many myths, involving everything from the Angel who guarded the Garden of Eden to a supernatural post-Civil War Factory. The true origin will likely remain hidden forever, but it was known that Foundation was operating already in the 19th Century and was a powerful organization on the world stage by the 20th Century, being acknowledged by both the Anomalous community and most national governments.

After the First World War (First Uti'lit Earth Civil War), the Foundation created a special Task Force known only as the "Insurgency", which would perform more the more questionable tasks of the Foundation. This Taskforce would be deployed in 1925 (2317 NE).

The Foundation took part in the Seventh Occult War (which ran concurrent with the Second World War/ Second Uti'lit Earth Civil War), and while its role in the war was not known, it is presumed they were fighting the Thule Society and Ahnenerbe Obskurakorps, who tried to perform the "Rite of Solomon". Eventually the war ended, and the Foundation continued to its normal duties of containing.

The Global Occult Coalition was formed, since the governments of the world wanted a force against the anomalous that they could control, but the Foundation continued to work with them.

In 1948 (2340 NE), the Insurgency went A.W.O.L. and rose against the Foundation, obtaining several with several SCPs in the process, and renaming themselves the Chaos Insurgency. In the 20th Century, the Foundation came across thousands of anomalies, making the best in containing them, as well as coming in contact with several rival and enemy factions.

In the 1950s to 1980s (late 2340s and early 2350s to late 2370s and early 2380s NE), the Foundation would also discover to the re-emergence of Sarkicism, with devastating anomalies in Europe like SCP-610 and SCP-2191, as well as cults like Adytum's Wake and the Hunter's Black Lodge spreading their influence.

The Foundation would also discover several anomalies tied to an ancient, malevolent eldritch being, for which they would have to perform some of its more questionable procedures, such as Procedure 110-Montauk, which involved brutally raping a girl as part of a ritual to prevent the birth of the being's child.

In 2007 (2399 NE), the Foundation would discover Anderson Robotics, a corporation that develops advanced androids and artificial intelligence, who used advanced fly-like drones to spy on the Foundation.

Despite the emergence of these things, the Foundation has been unable to pursue their mission statement without breaking the status quo too much. But in 2016 (2408 NE), an event occurred that utterly shattered the status quo completely, the Alliance's discovery of Uti'lit Earth and subsequent contact between Uti'lit Earth and the rest of the Known Multiverse.


While literally thousands of SCPs have been contained by the Foundation, there are several notable ones that are popularly associated with the Foundation. It should be noted that all of these SCPs are contained by the Foundation and are not affiliated with the Foundation's personnel.




Science and Security[]

D-Class Personnel[]




Relations with other organizations[]

Global Occult Coalition[]

Alliance of Civilizations[]

List of Known (and notable) SCPs[]

Secure Contain Protect
number SCP Nickname Contaiment Classification
SCP-173 Item SCP-173 is to be kept in a locked container at all times. When personnel must enter SCP-173's container, no fewer than 3 may enter at any time and the door is to be relocked behind them. At all times, two persons must maintain direct eye contact with SCP-173 until all personnel have vacated and relocked the container. Euclid
SCP-002 The "Living" Room SCP-002 is to remain connected to a suitable power supply at all times, to keep it in what appears to be a recharging mode. In case of electrical outage, the emergency barrier between the object and the facility is to be closed and the immediate area evacuated. Once facility power is re-established, alternating bursts of X-ray and ultraviolet light must strobe the area until SCP-002 is re-affixed to the power supply and returned to recharging mode. Containment area is to be kept at negative air pressure at all times.

Teams including a minimum of two (2) members are required within 20 meters of SCP-002 or its containment area. Personnel should maintain physical contact with one another at all times to confirm there is another person present, as perception may be dulled, skewed, or influenced by proximity to the object.

No personnel below Level 3 are permitted within SCP-002. This requirement may be waived via written authorization from two (2) off-site Level 4 administrators. Command staff issued such a waiver must be escorted by at least five (5) Level 3 Security personnel for the duration of their contact and must temporarily surrender their rank and security clearance. Following contact, command staff will be escorted at least 5 km from SCP-002 to undergo a seventy-two (72)-hour quarantine and psychological evaluation. If deemed fit for return to duty by psych staff, rank and security clearance may be restored when quarantine expires.

SCP-016 Sentient Micro-Organism SCP-016 is to remain within the confines of a five by five by five (5x5x5) meter room at all times, maintained at a temperature not to exceed zero (0) degrees Celsius. SCP-016 itself is to remain in the petri dish in the containment cube at all times unless directed otherwise by Level 4 or O5 personnel. Full documentation of experimentation with SCP-016 must be submitted before and after samples and duplicates of SCP-016 may be taken. Failure to follow these procedures will result in termination or reassignment as Class-D Personnel. Only authorized personnel may be permitted to obtain samples of and experiment with SCP-016 under BC-L5 containment conditions.

If an outbreak does occur despite following the aforementioned procedures, directive base personnel are to implement a Code Sigma lockdown and containment plan. Infected personnel are to be terminated on site by security forces wearing standard Mission Oriented Protective Posture (MOPP) anti-biological and anti-chemical equipment. Should the infection not be contained after 48 hours, the on-site nuclear device is to be detonated. Remaining personnel are not to be evacuated under any circumstances.

SCP-016 has been shown to survive for up to six (6) hours in blood, and up to several minutes in air. High intensity ultraviolet light and high concentrations of chlorine bleach have been demonstrated to be effective in sterilizing nonorganic materials.

SCP-017 Shadow Person SCP-017 is contained in an acrylic glass cage, 100 cm by 50 cm by 50 cm, centrally suspended in a concrete room measuring 6 m by 6 m by 4 m. Attached to the walls, ceiling, and floor of the room are high-intensity arc lamp spotlights pointed directly at the acrylic cage, to ensure that SCP-017 is constantly exposed to light from every angle. Personnel assigned to the SCP-017 control room are to monitor the functionality of the spotlights and the emergency generator system and call for maintenance immediately upon knowledge of a burnt-out lamp or an issue with the generator.

The only circumstance under which personnel are allowed entrance is to replace lamps. Personnel entering the room are required to wear the designated full-body reflective suits, and must be cautioned not to step in front of functional spotlights.

SCP-020 Unseen Mold Samples of SCP-020 are stored in a series of sealed cultivation chambers inside a sealed containment room at Biological Research Area-12 which is accessible only via airlock. Nutrients are administered via automated robotic systems, as the cultivation chamber must remain sealed at all times.

Hermetically sealed video surveillance cameras are installed within the containment room, and must be checked daily for integrity. Any personnel entering the containment room must wear Biosafety Level 5 equipment including rebreathers and undergo full anti-fungal disinfection upon exiting.

SCP-023 Black Shuck SCP-023 is to be contained in a walled-off intersection of two (2) corridors at Site *Classified*, with at least three (3) meters of space in each direction, and false doors at three (3) of the four (4) ends, in addition to the real door. Security cameras will be placed and maintained above all four (4) doors.

At all times, SCP-023's eye sockets are to be filled with spherical inserts made of hard rubber. Eye inserts must be replaced as they degrade. Degradation can be monitored by measuring the brightness of the "burning" effect as observed by security footage. Brightness greater than 12 candela requires that the inserts be replaced within twelve (12) hours. Eye inserts are only to be replaced individually, and only after the sun has completely set. Personnel are not to look directly into eye sockets of SCP-023 at any time.

Following Incident 023-27 all reflective surfaces, including displays, monitors, and eye-wear of any sort are not permitted within 30 meters of SCP-023's cell. This includes monitors linked to security cameras within its enclosure. Security personnel posted at checkpoints outside both corridors will enforce and adhere to this measure.

Experimentation involving SCP-023 has been suspended indefinitely.

SCP-026 Afterschool Retention SCP-026 is to remain securely locked and boarded up at all times when there is no research ongoing. Alarms are set to alert the Foundation in case of entry by civilians or other agencies. Euclid

List of (thus far) known facilities[]