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The autonomous short-range transport (SRT) droid, otherwise known as the forklift droid, was a repulsorlift labor droid used to carry bulk cargo in large industrial areas such as droid factories. The SRT droid comprised a dome-like head and a bulky body fitted with a set of heavy lifting arms and a pair of multiple-joint lifting arms. The durasteel heavy arms were capped with restraining forks, and kept cargo secure. The upper, jointed arms were used for precise work, such as basic maintenance and clearing production lines of obstructions. The droid's repulsor drive was housed in its tail unit, and was capable of supporting up to ten times the droid's own weight.

SRT droids were utilized around the clock in brutal factory environments, and most burned out their original components in less than a year. Aside from cargo hauling, these droids operated as factory overseers, keeping lookout on production through their heat-shielded photoreceptors. The SRTs were in constant communication with factory central computers, though their artificial intelligence was low enough that they focused solely on the job in hand.[2]


SRT droids were employed in large industrial droid factories on Geonosis. They supervised the factory's assembly lines, looking for problems that could stop production, as well as carrying heavy materials throughout the factory. C-3PO encountered one prior to the First Battle of Geonosis, after being pushed off the ledge by his droid compainion, R2-D2. Though the SRT saw the protocol droid as little more than an obstruction and deftly removed him from the vicinity, causing C-3PO to fall unceremoniously onto a conveyor belt below.

Some SRT droids were utilized in the construction of the first Death Star.[3]

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