Saba Sebatyne by Brian Rood

Saba Sebatyne was a female Barabel Jedi Master of the New Jedi Order. She served as the sole Jedi Knight of the Galactic Alliance High Council, a Jedi Master of the Jedi High Council and later acting Grand Master of the Jedi Order. Sebatyne was originally discovered by Jedi Master Eelysa, who, after recognizing her powerful Force-sensitivity, took the Barabel as her Jedi apprentice. Sebatyne was trained to the level of Jedi Knight by her Master on the Barabel homeworld of Barab I, before training several apprentices herself, including her son Tesar, and forming them into the Wild Knights squadron. During the Second War, Sebatyne was involved in several important campaigns against the invaders. Indeed, the Barabel Jedi found herself responsible for the accidental death of thousands of her species; however, she managed to overcome her guilt and aid the Skywalker family in their search for the sentient planet Zonama Sekot. It was at the conclusion of the war that Sebatyne was promoted to Jedi Master.

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Similar to the Jedi of the old Jedi Order, Sebatyne found it difficult to understand the concept of grieving one's loss.[5] However, in contrast to the Jedi's ideals concerning attachments, her reasonings were attributed to an idiosyncrasy of the Barabel species, as Sebatyne seemed to consider grief a purely Human emotion.[5] At the same time, Sebatyne suffered noticeable pain at the destruction of her homeworld and her accidental killing of thousands of Barabel, perhaps proving that the Jedi Master was not beyond feeling grief after all.[1]

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