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Sabine Wren (codenamed Spectre 5) (born: August 9th, 1393) was a Human Mandalorian and weapons expert of the Ghost crew. Sabine was equipped with a uniquely painted set of Mandalorian armor as well as a helmet. She initially wielded a customized pair of different-colored (grey/yellow and blue/grey) WESTAR-35 blaster pistols, which were used by various Mandalorians by the time of the Combine-Mandalorian War started, until she replaced with dual M7/Caseless Submachine Guns, which were used by many UNSC/UAOS officers. She also was in ownership of an airbrush and art supplies, which she used to express herself, and promote the Rebellion. Additionally, she was also equipped with explosives, which she would occasionally camouflage with paint.

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Like the rest of her crew, Sabine was sympathetic to victims of the Axis of Empires. Her past with the Empire led to a strong hatred towards the Imperials and Combines.

Joining the Alliance, Sabine was considered the "daughter" of the bunch. She looked up to many allied forces, and thought of Zeb as an older brother. However, Sabine tended to ignore Ezra's signs of affection towards her, considering him just a good friend.

Sabine was also a skilled graffiti artist, a skill she implemented into most of her missions. In addition to simply spraying Axis, Sabine also made use of "paint bombs", which she would occasionally rig to Axis vehicles.

She also show a distrust towards TransRace, given what happened during the Combine-Mandalarian War, sense she is slow to trust when the Crew of the Ghost encountered and help Alexi Scott and Lincoln Garica, however, once she got to know them, she quickly grew to trust them.

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