Seshellie before and after by nuisancebeareull-d5steur

A young Saelian with her elderly mother.

Saelians, also called Fishheads by Semerian supremacists, are a species of amphibious, fish-like beings native to the planet of Saelioum in the Outer Rim Territories, a province of the Galactic Empire. Once members of what was once known as the Saelioum Shogunate, a feudal civilization similar to the Samurai culture in 16th century Japan, they are now subject into either entertaining their new Semerian masters or become mere cannonfodder within the battlefield. They have a lifespan as long as 2000 years and can breath in both air and water.Some either join the Alliance of Nations to seek the liberation of their species or join the Axis of Empires to one day reclaim their world and take vengeance upon Palpatine's rule. Most, however, tend to be highly xenophobic and wish only to serve in the interests of their own species. 
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