Samantha Carter

Samantha Carter is an astrophysicist, engineer and pilot who was the operational leader of the Atlantis expedition for one year after playing a key role in bringing the Stargate Program into the Multiverse as a member of Allied Joint Military. Considered Eur'uui Earth's leading expert on the Stargate and a host of other alien technology, Jack O'Neill once emphatically proclaimed her brain to be a national resource. She was part of the Ciz'loikki Conflict and Great Serethan-Allied War.

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During her off hours, Sam likes to work on her Motorcycle (sometimes helped by MSgt. Sylvester Siler), work on her Naquadah generators, play chess with Cassandra Fraiser on Saturdays (when she is on Earth), and has lately discovered that she does, indeed, like fishing. She also talks to her plants. Her service number is 366349.

Some evidence does seem to imply that she may be at least somewhat religious. For example, in 1997, she stated that she hadn't heard Church bells for a long time and in 2001, when a brainwashed Teal'c asked her whether she believed in a god, she refused to give a straight answer. However, after being seriously wounded by an Ori soldier, she expressed a wish for something beyond her scientific views, stating: "I spent my entire life dedicated to science. Spent the last ten years, trying to convince people they believed in false gods. I don't feel like science is gonna help me. Right now, I'm just hoping somewhere one of those gods…"

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