Samuel Eastman is portrayed by Irrfan Khan in Great Multiverse: Universes at War, before he shaved his head when undergoing TransRace

"Lets just say my mother wasn't a nice woman... Who would? What she did to me in the dark... in a bullshit attempt to cure me of my... conduction... I don't think doing something like that would make you... nice..."

-Samuel talking about his mother

Samuel Eastmen, fullname: Samuel David Eastmen, (ECR Number: 4110082701) once known as Maestus Erat Filius (Sorrowed Son) when he was a Imperial Knight, is a TransRace Human Who have served a variety of factions over the course of his life. Now a mercenary, he serves anyone who pays him. as of now, he currently lives in Beach City on Wuuti'jik Earth (namely with the Crystal Gems)

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