Sander Delvardus

Sander Delvardus was a Human male admiral in the Axis of Empires who became an independent warlord after the Great Battle of Endor. A member of the prestigious Tarkin family by marriage, he was a known womanizer, and had fallen for a refugee aid worker, Seledra-Zin. During a argument, Delvardus allegedly struck Seledra-Zin with a dynamic hammer, rendering her comatose. Feeling both guilty and filled with grief, Delvardus was obsessed with finding a cure for his love's condition, and was driven by the goal of restoring his mistress to health.

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Sander Delvardus was a tall, light-skinned skeletal-looking man, with brown hair and white eyebrows. He possessed a square jaw with a deep cleft.[1] During his Imperial career, Delvardus gained a reputation as an officer with a female in every port, despite the fact that he was married into the prestigious Tarkin family. His true love was not his wife, however, but his mistress, Seledra-Zin.[4]

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