Sanyassan Marauder (SWC)

The Sanyassans (Second Human Empire: ?) were a reptilian, humanoid species from the stormy world of Sanyassa IV, located in the Inner Zuma Region. They had ape-like faces, scaly skin, and a tall stature that averaged two meters in height. They engaged in piracy as the scourge of their native Moddell sector since ancient times. In the wider galaxy, the sentients had the reputation of being fierce fighters with short tempers and minimal intelligence. They were sometimes employed as bodyguards or mercenaries, and at least one of them, Tun-Badon, pledged allegiance to a Sith Lord. When Anya Oliwa wrote her Essential Guide to Multiversal Species at the height of the First Aftermath, little was known about the Sanyassans, despite their occasional and discreet presence in broader galactic affairs.

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