A pair of savages lurking in the African jungles.

The Savages in Multiverse in general, also known as the Savage Tribes or the Barbarians of the Wastes, are a collection of surviving humans who have regressed into primitive, Stone Age tribes thoughout the Forbidden Zone. Although some city-states such as Khar-ung, Durch-hourk, and Bera-kodu were forged as bronze age civilizations, most of the savages remain primitive by nature and worship pagan gods, whom they favor them by commiting human sacrificing in order to please them. The Alliance of Nations' Joint Colonization Organization, responsible for the isolation of the Forbidden Zone, keeps a watchful eye upon the superstitious tribes while seeking to preserve what is left of its civilization. Some savages, however, live in other worlds, including the Stranded Ones, who dwell on the planet Garis.


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A savage woman in the middle of her hunt.

Savage Tribes of EarthEdit

The tribal, Paleolithic-styled culture of the stranded humans is perhaps the most common within the Forbidden Zone. Wielding only primitive weapons such as slingers, stones, spears, clubs, arrows, and daggers, they do not appear to have any interest with technological advancement, nor do they wish to rebuild civilization. In their viewpoint, they see technology and civilization as "twisted and evil", denouncing the two for destroying the once green Earth that they formerly knew. Hence, they are forever kept separated from the government of Sol Eath and live in more primitive conditions as their new way of life. 

Stone Age Chase

A Savage couple being chased down by a Wooly Mammoth.

Since the schism between the Alliance and the tribes, small groups of 25 to 75 people become common within many regions of the Forbidden Zone and usually hunt for boars, mammoths, pterosaurs, Smilodons, tigers, lions, leopards, bears, wolves, plesiosaurs, fish, and giant rats. While known to settle in primitive villages, they are led by a cheiftain, who is both the spiritual and political figure of the tribe. Males are the only ones in the tribe who are fit enough for such a position, as they wield brute strength and cunning speed. Women, despite being allowed to hunt alongside men, are typically considered "too soft" for either combat or leadership. Males ususally claim their female mates through a wrestling competition that usually lasts until one of the two participants is draned from his own strength completely.


Bisley Tarzan and La of Opar

Members of the city-state of Khar-ung fighting against two large cats in the jungle.

The primal city-state of Khar-ung tends to be Bronze-Age civilization consisting of its capital city of the same name and its surrounding territory, including numerous villages. Located within the former border between Uganda and Kenya, it consists of a giant wall fortification made entirely of stone with round, mud-made huts within it. Predominately born of Caucasian descent, due to the ancestors being predominately British, Dutch, and Irish, Khar-ung's people often carry a cultural mixture between African and Celtic traditions. The city-state is considered the strongest in the Forbidden Zone, thanks to its mastery in siege weapons, swords, spears, calvary, and maces. Women are often mistreated and are burdened with serving her mate (the man). 




Stranded Ones of GarisEdit



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