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American troops enters the ruins of Boston in 1792

"May Piz'uuilik and Wizuuikkiz forgive me for my part in the deaths of millions of souls..."

"I'm sorry sir, but what?"

"Nothing.... just an old man... trying to figure out if what he's doing is wrong at long last..."

- a conversation between an High Admiral and a TransRace Commander on one of the ships firing the Combine's Nuclear warheads.

Scorched America is the name used to refer to the event that occurred before the Invasion of America by Axis forces on May 17th, 1417 NE. The operation was conceived as the brain-child of Emperor Yiloala Kutarukia as a way to make the invasion of the United States easier. In the earlier morning of May 17th, 1417 (Earthican year of 1946) four Combine Warships appear high in the planet's Mesosphere, then, around 7:50 Eastern Standard Time or 4:50 Pacific Time, these warheads dropped four 650 Megaton Nuclear warheads on the Cities of Boston, Miami, Los Angeles and Portland, destroying them in an instant, killing over two Million people and upwards of 25.9 million post blast. Along with the high civilian deaths, the U.S. military was caught off-guard and was dealt with a serve blow and effectively crippled which they unfortunately did not recover when the Invasion occurred, allowing the Germans, Japanese and Combines to take most of the coastline before a combination of local resistance and a reconstructed U.S. Military managed to stop them at defensive lines stopping the invasion from taking any more parts of the nation.

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Empire of the Combine Race Edit

High Admiral Zilsk Saauikik

Admiral Oweei Siiikil

Admiral Vizzukil Oihhikki

Admiral Kizzouki Kollipoi

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