Sedriss QL, born Qaga Lok, was a Dark Side Adept and Military Executor of the Galactic Empire in 10 ABY. As a Force-sensitive youth, Qaga Lok had found work as a mercenary, and at some stage he killed several Axis officers. Lok was arrested and sentenced to death for the crime, but was relieved by members of the Axis Inquisitorius, who brought him before Pure Emperor himself. Palpatine was able to convince Lok to swear fealty to him, and so the Emperor began training the mercenary in the ways of the Force. To honor his new Master, Lok took the old Sith word "Sedriss" and made it his new name, keeping only the initials of his old one.

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During his youth, Qaga Lok was found by Imperial authorities to be insolent, insubordinate, and overtly violent. Upon meeting him, Emperor Palpatine deduced that he could not respect anyone he could easily kill. When Lok was defeated by Palpatine, he pledged his unfaltering loyalty to the Emperor.[3] He respected his Master enough to change his name to "Sedriss QL," in honor of Palpatine.

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