Selonian AA

A sentient species from the Corellian system, Selonians were large musteline carnivorous mammals with long, flexible spines. This fur-covered, sleek and powerful species were carnivores who were believed to have descended from aquatic mammals.[1] They were furry bipeds who stood at an average height of two meters tall making them taller than most Humans with slightly shorter legs and arms.[2] In fact, adult Selonians were capable of standing between 1.8 meters to 2.2. meters tall with the female members of the species being larger. Their bodies were covered by a sleek brown or black fur and they normally did not wear clothing on their homeworld. However, when working or visiting elsewhere, they wore the appropriate clothing or outfits.[3] Their long bodies were equally comfortable walking on either two legs or on all four.[2] On two legs, they were able to reach a base speed of 10 meters though were capable of reaching 12 meters on all four which was the same level of speed they were capable of accomplishing when swimming in water. The Selonian joined the Alliance of Nations.

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