A group of Semerians with a human slave (behind).

Semerians, also known as ApemenSemerok'ki by the Edanians, Gizzilkall by the Kilominitics, Viu'uhi Si'kiloh by the Second Human Empire, Man-Apes, and, comically, The Apes, are the native species of the Semerian Commonwealth and the planet Gormelar Prime, who hold ape-like features, but with a more humanoid physiology, although some look more directly like the apes (specifically the "gorillas") from Earth than others. They are a very diverse species with many different racial features and come in many sizes and shapes. Originally under the rule of the Edanian Empire, they bravely fought for their independence and later formed their own civilization in their image. Most of them tend to favor and align (and joined after the First Multiverse War) with the Coalition of Independent States (later on the Hegemony of Independent States, due to their xenophobia, racism, religious fanaticism, and extreme nationalism.) but joined the Multiversial Federation after the Hegemony's fall


The Semerian Commonwealth's cultural aspects, according to its history, heritage, and scientific capabilities, seem to mirror that of an admixture between Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, North Korea, and, at some extent, 19th century Europe. Among the citizens of the Commonwealth are the promoters of its state religion, who are secretly under the watchful eyes of the Semerian Ministry of Faith within every corner and street. Working conditions tends to be uniquely benefitial and pleasing as workers enjoy their fair payment, despite the regime's abolishment of the labor unions. Feminism is also common, as women share a strictly equal status with men, especially in politics. While being a religiously-fanatical nation, the Commonwealth also appears to promote science and technology, viewing them as the "pillar of Semerian civilization", as stated by Garrundei Cezar himself. The middle-class makes up the majority of the Commonwealth's population, within and beyond the planet Gormelar Prime. The "lesser races", such as humans, are not considered as part of society, as they are viewed as inferior by the regime and see them only as slaves destined only to be owned by those above them. While caring less about class status and gender and more on race, sexuality, and political ideology, the Semerian Commonwealth holds highly Darwinist views of society that give support for the "strong and fit" and casting out the "weak, corrupt, and sickly", regardless if one is either poor or rich. one example includes the execution of greedy businessmen who fail to give away their money to the war effort. Another includes a worker's uprising within a small town that was eventually, and easily, crushed by the Semerian military. Belorgian Beetles are often domesticated as pets for many Semerian families of any status, although a large number of them can only be found on Karuusa IV.

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