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Shadow Company was the name of an elite secret unit of private military contractors that was under the direct command of General Shepherd that turned into a rogue unit after Operation: Loose End. In which all the members of the unit are extremely loyal to Hershel von Shepherd III to the point where they assisted him in his plans to betray Task Force 141.


Shadow Company makes themselves known during Loose Ends, in the Caucasus Mountains near the Georgian-Russian border, securing the landing zone that Roach and Ghost must get to, who have downloaded a DSM containing vital intelligence on Makarov. They are briefly shown as allies, until their leader, Shepherd, betrays Roach and Ghost and kills them. A few soldiers help Shepherd get rid of the bodies by pouring petrol on them and lighting it on fire with Shepherd's cigar.

Their next seen in The Enemy of My Enemy, at the U.S. Vehicle Disposal Yard 437 in Eastern Afghanistan, fighting Makarov's Inner Circle. They attempt to kill Soap and Price, but fail. The outcome of their battle with the Russians is not directly shown, but it is implied that they were victorious.

Their last official debrief that were involved was during The hunt of Shepherd, when Task Force 141 infiltrate Site Hotel Bravo, their command base, coming for Shepherd's life. They are at first unaware of Units presence until their patrols gradually go missing due to the infiltration.

They once again fail to stop Soap and Price, leading to Shepherd attempting to escape on a Zodiac. Price, while successfully preventing the rogue commander's escape by downing his helicopter, goes over a waterfall with Soap. A long and desperate fistfight ensues between a weary Captain Price and General Shepherd. It only ends when Soap, stabbed by Shepherd and heavily wounded, removes the knife from his injury and expertly throws it through Shepherd's left eye, killing him and leaving the future of Shadow Company in question. The group is not mentioned further afterwards.

Known Members/Units

Command and Control Units

  • Gold Eagle - General Shepherd, Commanding Officer.
  • Oxide - Communications officer, possibly second in command.
  • Excalibur - Artillery commander.

Ground Units

Disciple - Patrol for Site Hotel Bravo.

  • Disciple 1 - Unit in Site Hotel Bravo
    • Alpha Element - Part of Disciple 1 that is patrolling the riverbed
  • Disciple 2 - Unit in Site Hotel Bravo
    • Bravo Element - Part of Disciple 2 that stopped their patrol because of the sandstorm.
  • Disciple 3
  • Disciple 4
    • Zulu Element - 6 man patrol east along the Canyon, North side access road with 2 German Shepherds. (First group to be eliminated by Price and Soap)
  • Disciple 5 - 2 men guarding the cave entrance overlooking the river.
  • Disciple 6 - Unit in Site Hotel Bravo
    • Foxtrot Element - Section of Disciple 6 that breaches the steam room
  • Disciple 9 - Unit on the catwalks outside the caves.

Butcher - Patrol for Site Hotel Bravo.

  • Butcher 1 - Unit in the open area of Site Hotel Bravo (where Excalibur fires upon with target package Romeo)
    • Butcher 1-5 - element of Butcher 1 that rendezvous with Shepherd and escorts him to the Zodiacs
  • Butcher 2 - Fast ropes from Black Hawks into sector Papa Quebec.
  • Butcher 3
  • Butcher 5 - Unit within the command room, prepares the demolition charges.
    • Butcher 5 Actual - Commander of Butcher 5, heard over radio talking to Oxide about a severed detonator cord
  • Butcher 7 - Searches for Disciple 5.
    • Vinson - Element of Butcher Seven.
    • Lambert - Element of Butcher Seven.

Carnival - Patrol for Site Hotel Bravo.

  • Carnival 1
  • Carnival 3

Aviation Units

  • Avatar - MQ-1 Predator UAV operators
    • Avatar 1 - UAV operator.
    • Avatar 2 - UAV Predator Drone
  • Warhorse 5-1 - MH-53 Pave Low helicopter.
  • Thunder Two-One - AH-6 Little Bird helicopter that protected Ghost and Roach from Ultranationalists in "Loose Ends".
  • Scaler 3 - Unknown type of helicopter on patrol.

Unknown Unit type/Possible Units

  • Mongoose 2 - Possible helicopter or ground unit, cannot be determined.
  • Mongoose 1, 3, 4 etc.
  • Disciple 7 and 8.
  • Butcher 4, 6 and 9
  • Carnival 2, 4 to 9
  • Warhorse 5-2 and 5-3, as two MH-53s can be seen at the end of "Loose Ends". Although it is likely one of these is 5-1.
  • Scaler 1, 2, 4 etc., most likely helicopter units judging from radio chatter.
  • Thunder 2-2 etc.
  • Kestrel 3-2 - Most likely MH-6 Little Birds assigned to assist Butcher One-Five to escort Shepherd to the LZ.
  • Unidentified RPG Teams - Mentioned in radio chatter as trying to stop Price and MacTavish.


Left: Shadow Company standard equipment; Centre: Basic Shadow Company Uniform; Right: Shadow Company Sniper

Shadow Company soldiers are heavily armed, highly trained and extremely dangerous. Their choice of weapons consists of modern weapons, with the ACR and SCAR as their primaries. Their weapons of choice are similar to those of Task Force 141 and the U.S. Army Rangers. Their arsenal includes:

Assault Rifles:

Machine Guns: