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Shen, herald of The Preserver

Shen is the Herald of The Preserver Entity, among the oldest known Heralds to which he had served his role faithfully to maintain the balance of the Known Multiverse against hostile forces for thousands of years, at least, tried to given the normally apathethic nature of the entities, Shen played the role as a mentor and give useful advise and wisdom to new Heralds and potential heroes and often train many to defend their worlds, before the age of the Great War by the Empire of the Combine Race that threatened the Multiverse, Shen was among the first to take up the role to stop them, being one of the few who actively tried to at any rate.

About 2416 N.E., Shen took interest in one of the worlds with great heroes and met a young human (at least by his standards) who willingly gave away a great power to a potential successor with the cost of his own, when he saw a vision of his potential fate and the Multiverse, Shen made preparations to prepare his own successor before his time comes.


Early Life[]

The Preserver

Shen was a Jen’thori born and raised as a warrior, living on a colony world in the Tiu'lo Universe, before he became a Herald Shen had an extensive lifespan and spend the centuries as a warrior of honor to fight for his people to have a bright future. While training to performing the arts of magic when he received news of an ancient dark force sweeping across other worlds and bringing chaos and dismay, Shen immediately answered the call to help the heroes to challenge this foe but could not be able to do so with the limited power until he was approached by a mysterious traveller who he met a few times and spoke with with fondness. Before facing the creatures that invaded his world, Shen fought with all he had until he was suddenly granted the powers of a Herald, revealed ny his old friend who was none other than the Entity known as The Preserver.

With victory for his people and the threat vanquished, he owed the Preserver for the aide and learned if his new duties, with the possibility of the Multiverse at risk he swore to use his new found gifts to do what he can to maintain the balance. The herald travelled across countless to perform his duties and helped saved his people to survive by going into suspended animation to escape the destruction of their race for a few million years.

Battle against the Brawler Herald[]

First Multiverse War[]

Visions of the Future[]

Shen investigated a world that could have been of interest to the Horde, confronted a group of shamans who say they saw the future of the Multiverse, revealed to him images of amother Multiverse conflict, the future heroes, and threats, and his death in a battle between angels and demons, and a destruction of an entire universe. Discovered that these images were the future and his fate, Shen understood that this could not be changed and decided to prepare by sharing this knowledge with The Preserver as he believed this successor may olay a larger role for the coming wars that will drag the heralds and entities in. With many possible forms of creatures at risk, he gathered the members of the Preserver cult to search for worlds of artefacts to preserve life and with the help of the members of The Planter and it’s herald Siegfried Nirav Velichkov to offer his help of creating new worlds for species to start over elsewhere in the Multiverse.

Game of Heaven and Hell[]

Upon receive in the summons by the Entities, Shen appeared in the meeting and accompanied The Preserver upon discovering the latest events of the Game was set up by The Hunter on its next target, a universe known as Haei’tuusik with two realms of Heaven and Hell being the main events of the challenge. Intrigued to learn about some demons who wanted to help change the system, but discovered the corruption within their version of Heaven and its God that refuse to allow them a second chance. Although upon his arrival on Earth (Haei’tuusik) found some unpleasant humans but mostly by the cause of the demons to throw off the balance. Taken the role to side with protecting this universe from being another prey to The Hunter, and offered to help the princess of hell who wanted to help the sinners find peace.

Upon th final days of the game, Shen helped protect a group of Sinners that wanted to be redeemed from the threat of the loyalist Angels and The Hunter’s forces that wanted to exterminate the inhabitants, provided aid for the other Heralds. They were confronted by Rukahn, but Shen decided to buy them time to escape as he was among the few to stand against him. The two heralds clashed one another with their blades and with such power caused damaged, but only far from any known inhabitants as he preferred it, continued their battle throughout the realm and when he was wounded, believed The Preserver would bring him back to its realm to recover, but, something intervened and caused Shen to be mortally wounded in battle by Rukahn, discovered to be the work of Heaven’s God by sending the angels to distract his Entity from saving him but in his duel, he cared not for his immortality but to stop the carnage and managed to defeat Rukahn, but both were killed in battle and only gave his sacrifice to anger the loyal angels to spite them. Fortunately, his spirit was saved in time by The Preserver, revived him into The Preserver’s Realm to join the other predecessors before him.

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Shen’s sacrifice to save countless lives in the Haei’tuusik was remembered by many allies and rivals, the Heralds he fought alongside with were relieved to hear about him revived when his companions were invited to see him in The Preserver’s Realm, but considering how he was no longer a herald or a Mort, he would remain in the domain with the other predecessors and followers that passed in unless he was called or summoned. All Might, after giving up his Quirk and trained under Shen took over as the next Herald of The Preserver, honouring his predecessor/mentor to continue his role as a hero to help the Multiverse where ever he can to preserve the peace as the new Herald of The Preserver.

Personality and Traits[]

As a Herald, Shen takes his role very serious to do what he can while understanding the nature of the Entities who share an apathetic view towards the Multiverse but shows respect towards some of them. Having been one of the oldest known Heralds as some either passed on the title or killed in the previous conflicts, Shen did not take lightly of his immortality rather rely on his Entity too much to save him as he would still meet his fate or willing to risk his life for others. Often used thousands of years of wisdom and skills to give advice to new Heralds and the responsibilities.

During the Multiverse War, he worried how this would threaten the realties now that many civilizations knowledge of travelling between universes and idea of Combine nanites a detest thought for tampering with the natural developments, but so far the Alliance of Nations and few factions may be a sample of those to make the possible hope while he sees the Horde, the Axis and other hostile forces as a threat. He is very knowledgable of many greater powers such as the Ascendancy and warned others knew to the knowledge of the Multiverse not provoke them.

While he holds no prejudice and hate openly, he detest those who abuse their role and power such as The Hunter’s, Yiloala Kutarukia who is widely known for his cruelest nature and lack of care towards all sentient life, even as among the most oldest known Heralds. Gave no sympathy to his death and felt relieved but knowing another to take his place be considered a threat. However, he does acknowledge that there are entities that exist who are firmly malevolent in nature, and the Hunter is one such entity, so, it should not be unexpected that their Heralds would equally be as malevolent or cruel as the entities they represent.

Shen often come to respect his opponents strengths and will, even to some of his enemies such as his rival Rukahn Khrayf, the Herald of The Brawler

Powers and Abilities[]

As the Herald of The Preserver, Leysa is granted the power of immortality and never age a day, she would be able to heal himself even to the most fatal damage. Able to travel between worlds instantly and proven to be very skilled in combat with vast knowledge of combat and magic.

Close Friends and Allies[]

Close Rivals[]


  • Shen and Lena Oxton. ”If you must know, young one, I have been this sort of thing centuries before I became a Herald and thousands of years before either of your grandparents was even born.”
  • “Even though I am a Herald, does not mean we are immortal as you are with machines inside your bloodstreams. As there is life, there is death, it is the most precious thing than any other and should not be taken for granted.”
  • Shen’s last words: ”I am not afraid of death, I will welcome it like an old friend. I have served my role to preserve the peace, and now... it is time to pass the torch... to the next generation.”


  • Shen is the original character from the same verse as the World of Warcraft.