RA3 Shogun Concept Art

Rivaling the Alliance and Horde battleships in terms of firepower, the Shogun Battleship is the crown jewel of the Imperial Japanese Navy. The Shogun-class battleships are the flagships of the Empire and naturally heavily decorated with patriotic motifs. However, the beautiful, gently curved shapes of the ship are deceptive - the Shogun is a warship first and foremost, capable of devastating foes from great distances thanks to its massive Shirada cannons. The design of these capital ships is a catamaran to compensate for the battery recoil and stability, also allowing it to fire on the move. Each battleship carries two turrets, each armed with three 400mm Shirada cannons, mounted back-to back. With this setup, the Shogun can fire on targets in every direction, compensating for the slow turning speed. A turret salvo is incredibly effective, even more so when the warship turns broadside and unleashes both guns at once. Each cannon fires an energized projectile, the explosion of which is measured in thousands of degrees Celsius at ground zero.

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