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"Doctor Siegfried Nirav Velichkov, but just call me Siegfried please"

- Siegfried introducing himself

Dr. Siegfried Nirav Velichkov, known simply as either Siegfried Velichkov or SNV, is a human born circa 977 Duodecillion BNE in a universe where humanity had expanded beyond their world and colonized thousands of planets by the time he war born in its' late 52nd century and better known today as the immortal herald of the Planter, the Entity of Life, Construction, and Order. In his home universe he became famous for developing a device that helped accelerate the terraforming process, in turn opening up hundreds of new worlds for colonization, and it was this act that caught the eye of the Planter, who meet with the man via various possessed hosts and slowly developed a friendship and bond with the man. It was this close friendship that made the Planter turn into a true immortal and in effect a herald of the Planter.

While not nearly as old as Yiloala, he certainly became a person who more often interfered in his plans then any other being, even Old Gray, who made it his existence to try and put an end to the man, couldn't attest to. But typically he does these interference through various proxies and rarely does he directly get involved and the few times he does, its' when this particular part of his plans that need his direct involvement, or his friend, the Planter asked him to get involved.

Unlike so many other heralds, who are either beings with extend life-spans or morts, Siegfried is a true immortal, but this was born from eons of experimenting by the Planter's part as its' sibling, the Hunter, constantly killed its friends any chance it gets. There's some forty thousand previous Planter heralds as a result, but when Siegfried became the herald of the planter, this circle was finally put to an end.


Exploration of the Multiverse[]

Within the Duyi'zu Universe, Siegfried discovered one of the galaxies such as the Milky Way is inhabited by humanoids and conducted his research, discovered many share genetic similarities and traced it back to the ancient humans or a possible branch of humanoids evolved from them that may have perhaps seeded the Galaxy with their DNA millions of years ago.

At some point in the Fop'lla Universe prior to Humanity’s decent to cultural stagnation by the Warp, Siegfried decided to get to work of cataloging and gather specimens of known creatures before the warp could either destroy or mutate them. He felt the presence of the Chaos Gods and discovered the arrival of the Tyranids would awake from their hibernation to feed. With his machines to gather samples of the genes of the civilizations completed he decided to leave after making several trips before anyone such as the Emperor of Mankind taken notice.

Another universe he visited was studying the changes of growing civilizations



Powers and Abilities[]

Family and Friends[]


Friends and Allies[]

  • Mitchell Harlan




  • Like Yiloala, Siegfried is both Asexual and Aromatic, although he has considerably more morals then the Cruel Lord and his children were all adopted rather then born as is the case with Yiloala's five children.