The Skakoans were a sentient species of humanoid mammals distinguished by their dependence on a bulky pressurized suit to survive away from their homeworld, Skako. A highly xenophobic people, the Skakoans rarely departed their homeworld unless need drove them. Native to the high-pressure atmosphere of the Core World Skako, the Skakoans breathed a methane-based air supply. Resembling gaunt Humans, Skakoans had grey-white skin which hung in folds over their skeletons, lacked hair and had sunken, beady eyes. Thin nasal slits allowed them to detect odor, while a thin, lipless mouth allowed them to speak. Because Skakoans did not ingest solid food, they lacked teeth in their gaping mouths. An average Skakoan maintained a life-span of 90-110 years. Due to the nature of their homeworld's above-average pressure, travelling offworld meant wearing a specialized protective suit which maintained internal pressure and fed methane through special piping.

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