Skaven concept

Skaven (Rat Men by the Allies), Second Human Empire name Fikki'llo Erri'kii but commonly refer to as the Underworlders, the Rot and the Natives of the Graves within Ancient Space) are the humanoid rat-men of the Under-Empire, and the secret shapers of the world. Skaven live in a phenomenally vast and intricate network of underground tunnels called the Under-Empire, which extends all throughout the Warhammer Earth and beyond the Multiverse. They hide themselves away from the eyes of surface-dwellers, particularly the humans of the Multiverse emerging only to carry out their secret schemes and to gather the massive amounts of warpstone needed to sustain their technological users and the technological machines of their warlords. On rare occasions the Skaven clans gather in vast swarm armies to wage sudden war on the other intelligent races of the Multiverse in the name of their foul God; the Horned Rat. The Skaven joined the Coalition of Independent States. but it should also be noted that they are not as commonplace in the 278 Universes controlled by the Ancients (Second Human Empire, Second Human Republic and United Federation of Species) given that the Ancients had commented a Xenocide/Genocide against them for their ruthless actions during the Universal Uprising and the Second Human Civil War

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