The Flag of the Son'a


The Emblem of the Son'a

The Son'a were an interstellar power, originating from Ba'ku exiled in the Duyi'zu universe. They were nomadic, though they maintained outposts. Their command structure was called Son'a Command. Son'a were considered a narcissistic and materialistic people. They put great value in precious metals, rare jewels, and other materials the desire for which was thought antiquated by Allied and Axis standards. They raided inhabited worlds in search for these resources, and also for slave labor, especially females. However, by 2092 N.E it was believed that this practice had ended. Without the regenerative effects of the Ba'ku homeworld's metaphasic radiation, the Son'a became desperate in their efforts to prolong their lives by any possible means, including genetic manipulation and surgical techniques. The Son'a would make regular visits to facilities where their skin was stretched tight, and accumulated toxins were purged from their bodies. Nevertheless, due to the amount of bacteria entering their system, in the 2100 N.E many Son'a (including Ru'afo himself) were suffering from fatal diseases and nearing death. It was also revealed that it would take at least ten years of normal exposure to the metaphasic radiation to begin to reverse their condition. The Son'a joined the Coalition of Independent States to survive

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Ru'afo, an Son'a Warlord and leader

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