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Soontir Fel was considered among the best starfighter pilots in the galaxy, becoming an Imperial hero, but his journey to those heights was anything but easy. Born on Corellia to a farming family, Fel developed his piloting skills over the fields before gaining entrance to the Imperial Academy and beginning a career as a Starfighter pilot. He served dutifully, demonstrating a strong sense of responsibility for his men. After a series of events out of his control tarnished his career, Fel was exiled to the lackluster 181st Fighter Wing, which he revived, eventually gaining its command and the title of Baron of the Empire, winning Fel a reputation as the Empire's most deadly pilot and the 181st as its most elite starfighter unit. During that time, Fel met and married the famous actress Wynssa Starflare, who he discovered was actually the sister of allied ace Wedge Antilles.

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Fel was raised by his family to be dutiful, loyal, upstanding, and a hard worker. The Fel family placed a strong priority on looking out for each other, and fiercely opposed the betrayal of anyone in the family group; instead, any family member should put the rest of the family above himself and be willing to make sacrifices for them.[1][7] Fel followed this ideology in his decision to accept the appointment to Carida; though he valued justice for Post, he could not bring himself to pursue it at the cost AGR would have imposed upon his family. Fel did remain ashamed that he had been forced into such a compromise, however.[1]

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