The Sovereign-class was a type of starship that was the lead type of Starfleet combat vessel from the first war to the end of the timeline. USS Enterprise-E is belongs to this vessel

Features Edit

Sovereign-class starships were quite adaptable to different missions, whether they be scientific, defensive, or diplomatic. These ships have 29 numbered decks. Two shuttlebays, one on the far aft of the secondary hull, similar to the hangar of the older Constitution and Ambassador-class ships, and another bay on the aft part of deck 7 were built in to the class. The Sovereign vessels were also fitted with a captain's yacht which launched from the underside of the saucer section. The class had 6 standard personnel transporters, 8 cargo transporters and 6 emergency transporters.

The class featured a warp drive modified not to have damaging effects on subspace, without the necessity of the Intrepid-class's continuum-safe variable geometry warp nacelles. The Sovereign-class had a maximum speed of Warp 9.975+.

The Sovereign-class incorporated bioneural gel packs into its computer systems. The bioneural gel in them was obtained from the Kropaslin and was designed by Doctor Delasat Vantimor.

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