Earth spacedock

The Spacedock-type was a space station and starbase design in use, by many members of the Alliance of Nations, during the timeline.

SummaryEdit Edit

Spacedocks was the largest Allied space station structure in near-orbit. Other space-built structures might have been larger, but none was ever built as close to the planetary surface. It was originally conceived as a military base for ship repairs and refits. Spacedock orbited Earth just within the Van Allen radiation belts. The close proximity to the denser players of Earth's atmosphere would normally cause the station's orbit to decay so it was fitted with massive impulse engines that maintained its orbit.

Design, facilities and functions Edit

Designed as permanent base for the many ships traveling many planetary system. It could easily provide refit and repair facilities for up to 8 cruiser-sized starships and up to 24 of lesser-sized ships.

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